Repairing small parts often involves less time and effort compared to sourcing and setting up a new device, leading to quicker restoration of functionality and convenience.

Figure it out

based on what is wrong, we can determine together if the mechanical and/or electrical failure is concentrated in a part that we can repair quickly and efficiently.


Our Services


We can start with a phone or video call to review together the symptoms, to know if there have been anomalies, what type and when they were registered. You are guided in the first instance to rule out and eliminate possible imminent risks, both to people and to the life of the equipment.


Based on the symptomatology, we expose the possible causes of the failure(s) and propose a path to follow, either with your company’s personnel trained to verify the root cause or by sending a technician from our company to perform this work on site.


If the failure is located in one or more parts that is in our range of action for repair, we make an estimate for the repair of the part or parts in question and we can guide maintenance personnel step by step to disassemble the part, pack it and send it to us.


Upon receipt of each part, we corroborate the pre-diagnosis performed remotely, check what the part requires to be repaired and if it is within the estimate. We report the conclusion for authorization to proceed with the repair.


Once the part(s) of your device have been repaired, it is properly packaged for return to your facility and you are given technical advice on how to unpack, reinstall and restart your medical device until you check that it is working again.


We have designed or integrated accessories for a more efficient management of medical devices, from a ring for cables, a remote control or a detector of the most recurrent malfunction . Let us know your needs or ideas, we could bring it to life!

Keep taking advantage of what’s no longer in use or even getting in the way.

Sell us the parts

We can buy parts that you have replaced or from devices that you already have in disuse and even small devices that you plan to dispose of (that can be packed in standard sizes). Make your request to let us know if we can buy from you and how much we can offer.

¬†–The investment in medical equipment is too expensive to replace it every time the technology changes.


“Our service is born from witnessing several centers storing the parts that were replaced and engineers insisted that they were still useful but not having managed to channel an efficient use without being in the way and costing for storage. This is how we integrated this service that we have opened for centers and clinics that are facing the same.”


To invest or not in a new medical device?

You can also contact us just to help you decide whether or not to replace a complete medical equipment with a newer one or to give a boost to the one you currently have. Ask for a pros and cons orientation with risk vs. investment consideration.